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Crete is the largest Greek island and one of the most prosperous areas in Greece.  With a total surface of 8,336 sq m it has 1,100 km of coastline and approximately 600,000 inhabitants. 

Development on the island has been favoured by its geographical location, climate and diverse natural beauty, as well as its unique cultural and historical heritage emerging out of 9,000 years of an overwhelming history.

Mountainous landscapes, endless beaches and rocky coves, beautiful towns, charming villages and harbours, one of the best cuisines in the world and the uniquely hospitable Cretan people with their lifestyle make Crete one of the most attractive destinations in Europe. 

... The Land of Curetes

According to tradition, Crete derives its name from the Curetes (C-u-retes) the sleepless guardians of the infant god Zeus, who was born and hiding with his mother Rea in a cave in Crete. The Curetes, native sons of the earth and the first inhabitants of the island, committed themselves to the protection of Zeus from the fury of his father Cronus. They guarded the entrance of the cave, so no-one could approach, and danced when the baby cried, stamping their feet or clashing their shields.

Traces of this ancient myth can still be found today, as contemporary Cretans guard their traditions with devotion and welcome the visitors with an open heart, offering them ‘philoxenia’ (hospitality), the highest of ancient Greece virtues guarded and protected by Xenios Zeus (Zeus the God of Philoxenia), patron of visitors. 

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