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Corfu (Kerkyra): a long irregular shaped island in the Ionian Sea with a permanent population of approx. 110,000.  It is 53 km long with a total area of 592 sq km and a coastline of 217 km. 

Like the rest of the Ionian Islands, Corfu was never occupied by the Ottomans, a fact that gives it a completely different profile from the rest of the Greek islands. Apart from its endless natural beauty, Corfu unleashes a scent of Western Europe both in its architectural features and culture. 

Corfu is the Greek island of endless experiences that travel the guest from its rich history to a vivid and charming present.  Combining harmoniously tradition and cosmopolitanism, Corfu is a top holiday destination that attracts visitors from all over the world.

...The island of Kerkyra

Legend has it that Kerkyra was a nymph with whom God Poseidon fell in love; so, he took her to the island and named it after her. From their love was born Pheacas, progenitor of the Pheaces people, about whom we read in Homer’s Odyssey.

Many scholars think that the myth of the Kerkyra nymph is connected with the Byzantine word "Koryfò", ensued from the “Acropoli”, situated in front of the modern town.
From the word “Koryfo” comes the Latin name Corfou or Corfu, which is the contemporary name of Kerkyra Island, used by non Greeks.
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